Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy: Spinach Fritters Recipe

Lady H used to eat broccoli like it was going out of style. Plate after plate after plate but for the past month or so she has completely rejected it and any other vegetable for that matter. It has been a battle. Not being newbies at this game, we used the usual strategies – hiding food under rice or other things she likes, mashing things up really small, here comes the airplane games – and we are always met with


When Lady C was the same age she also rejected veggies and we used smoothies to get those nutrients in her body. All her smoothies featured frozen broc or spinach and avocados (super fruit) to make them creamy. She loved them, still does. Even though she helps make them with avocado and swears she does not like avocado, she drinks. every. single. drop. So, we made Haiden a smoothie. We gave it to her in a cup and she took one look and said:


Ok – so that didn’t work. We remembered she used to love Spinach bites from a local restaurant so we made Spinach fritters – super easy recipe:

One package of frozen spinach, thawed and drained

2 Table spoons of flour

Two eggs

Chopped Onion



Salt and Pepper

(and any other seasoning you might enjoy)

Mix in a bowl and spoon into boiling oil


These joints were good. So good! When Lady H saw them she said… oooo cookie and grabbed one. We got excited. She took a bite, looked at it and:


Sigh, welp! We had to hide carrots under her mac and cheese. She didn’t like that one bit when she realized it but we got some in her!

Back to the drawing board… Despite the failure we still blogged about this because the fritters were actually good and it might help someone else.

If you have other thoughts about getting the kiddo to eat veggies… please post below!