Sleeping hard

There are few things more peaceful than a sleeping child. Especially a child as talkative as my eldest and one as busy as my youngest. When they finally fall asleep, a hallowed hush falls across the house and Aisha and I take a collective breathe. Don’t get me wrong: we love that our daughters are talkative but every parent of young children looks forward to bedtime!

At any rate, when children fall asleep at home, in a protected loving environment, they completely knock out with abandonment. It’s a manifestation of the trust they have in their home and that their parent(s) are going to protect them while they sleep. It brings me great joy that we have been able to provide that level of solace for our children and sometimes I just watch them sleeping and envy their ability to completely relax.

Now it’s a horse of a different color when your child falls asleep outside of the home. At least for me it is. Think about: your child becomes sleepy (afternoon nap or headed home after normal bed time). Children will not fall asleep until they feel safe so when they fall knock out on your shoulder or in the back of the car, that feeling of security is directly attributed to you, not their surroundings. For me, it is the greatest affirmation of trust that I can get from my children: “Ok daddy. I’m going to go to sleep now. You got me right?” My children see me as Daddy the Brave, Shoo-er of Flies, Vanquisher of Ants, Protector of Sleep (having a bit of a Game of Thrones moment)! And there are few greater feelings than that in the world.

…now if we can just get them to take a nap at the same time, we’ll be GOLDEN!!

From the Greene House…