Fearless Scaredy Cats!

So we’ve discussed Lady C’s crippling fear of all things creepy crawly (Update: she’s doing much better. Freak outs are to a minimum now). The kid is a afraid of bugs like ants, things that you can squash with a pinky finger. But that’s where it ends. The things that I would expect for her to be afraid of, she is fearless with!

We were in the subway one time and Lady C points out an ever-present member of the vermin population of the underground and says, “Awww look at the cute rat!” Really!!??! Ants freak you out but this brown scurrying, long tailed, scourge of NY travelers doesn’t phase you? (side note: I am typing this through fingers covering my eyes and Lady C sitting on my shoulders. If only we had furniture!) And her sister is the same way by the way!

Lady C and H both love dogs. That’s fine and cute but it’s not just the little lap dogs. It’s every dog and in every size. I took them to the park to fly kites and Lady H makes a beeline to some dogs that she sees:
Now I’m a grown man and I can tell that these aren’t small dogs so my protective instinct kicks in. The absolute opposite happens for my two girls! Forget the kite, let’s go pet the dogs!! As they get closer, they start to realize that the dogs aren’t just big dogs, they’re HUGE!!  No matter. There’s PETTING to be done!

wpid-20140801_174119.jpg wpid-20140801_173819.jpg

As you can see these dogs are taller than they are and are curious. I don’t know about you but if I ran into an animal that was taller than I was and looks like it could swallow me, I’d be cautious! Nope! Not these two. They pet them, the dogs licked them, and at one point I think someone asked to ride one (can’t take them nowhere).

Any-Ole_Chocolate-Way, the moral of this story is that kids can be such Scaredy Cats in one instance and be totally fearless in another.

Do you have similar stories or are my children strange (rhetorical question, of course)???

Our Kid is “Bugging” Out

Our oldest daughter is five years old and loves being outside and playing with her friends and toys. She’s never met a park that she doesn’t like.

She often asks to go out ride her bike or scooter (poorly) but these days we always count down…. 5, 4, 3, 2, ….. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s yelling because she’s seen an ant.

Sometimes it’s something worse than an ant like a huge bumble bee – but it doesn’t matter – if it is little and crawling or flying she’s out of there. And it’s sad to watch because she’s missing out on some quality jump roping and skating time.

We are at a loss for what to do! On one hand we think – just let her grow out of it but on the other hand she is literally bawling her eyes out about bugs and retreating. We’d actually like to try to go camping some day but we absolutely could not consider that now. We haven’t been making much headway with the technique of GreenEs v. Bugs where we count down the number of critters we smash (sorry – bug lovers).

So… we started looking around for some advice and the most popular method we’ve seen is to normalize bugs. Don’t worry – it’s not as drastic as throwing some roaches at her feet but trying some of the following:

  • Grab some books about bugs and learn about them.
  • Draw pictures of bugs.
  • Maybe get an ant farm.

Chime in – do you know any little ones with a fear of bugs – how are you or did you handle it? 

Offer suggestions in the comments below!