Meet “Your Queens”… An Alternative to the Traditional “Princess Party”

Birthday parties often feature Princesses like –

Cinderella. Snow White.  Ariel.  Aurora. Belle.

But what if you hosted a party that also celebrated Ancient African Royalty like – 

Queen Amina of Zaria, Nigeria or Queen Makeda of Sheba or Queen Nefertiti of Egypt? 

This weekend we had the great pleasure of learning more about the newly created company “Your Queens” when we had dinner with the creator and owner of the company, Eki. The mission of “Your Queens” is to Evaluate, Educate and Express the dynamic lineage of Ancient African Royalty. They teach youth and adults about the historic legacy of African Queens through storytelling, song and dance and best of all – they do parties for all age groups!


At your party or event, the Queens will come dressed in their royal attire, share history with the audience through storytelling and do a choreographed dance set for children to learn. The party packages (which start at $350) also includes head and warrior wrapping, face painting and musical instruments for everyone to play.

When we learned about what Eki was doing we got excited because we are always looking for unique party experiences and this is special. There is an opportunity for cultural awareness, building self-esteem, and building a confidence and pride!

For more information on the Queens please visit them at or watch their video presentation at

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. At the moment, this blog is all about what the GreenEs feel, what the GreenEs do and how the GreenEs roll. We met the owner of “Your Queens” in a social setting and she was beautifully dressed after coming from a first birthday party where the Queens were performing. We wanted to learn more and when we did, we asked permission to share. Because – that’s what this blog is all about at the moment. The Share.