Lady C-isms

In the car and Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love comes on:

Lady C: Daddy, who is this?
Me: This is Beyoncé, baby.
Lady C: Is this a song kids can sing?
Me: Absolutely not!

Crisis averted! The last thing I need is to hear my kid belting out “Watermelon” from the back seat!


I just realized that I can never take my daughter to work with me. A few weeks ago, she asked what I do at Medgar Evers College. I asked her if she remembered Ms. Jessica , my boss at Barnard. She said yes. Well, I said, Daddy is not the boos of the office at Medgar Evers like Ms. Jessica. “So you get to tell everyone what to do,” she asked. I tried to explain that it’s not really like that and I thought I succeeded.  Today, as I dropped her off, Lady C yelled to me:

“Have fun at work being the boss of Medgar Evers!”

Lawd this child gon come to my campus and tell everyone that they have to listen to me!! Hmmmm…. this may not be a bad thing after all!!



At the MCU Baseball park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones

Daddy:  Let me show you this statue. This is Pee Wee Reece and Jackie Robinson. They were very brave men who never gave up. They faced a lot of challenges but they always pushed on. Jackie Robinson was the first Black man to play professional baseball. He was very important.

Lady C: (stares at me intently) Is that a BOUNCY HOUSE over there?

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