We just celebrated Lady C’s 6th birthday at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn and it was such a great time that we just had to blog about the experience.

We love love love to throw kid parties and this year had an amazing ice cream themed party at the bestest ice cream shop in the city.


Ample Hills staff poses for the camera

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Ample Hills menu – including Gooey Butter Cake ice cream *faint*

There is nothing we enjoy more than selecting a theme and then stomping it into the ground until you can’t forget it. We selected Ample Hills because it is a popular spot with a roof top deck and private party room. Since Lady C’s birthdays tend to be on warm days (and it was HOT this year) – the kids were able to enjoy the private room and the outdoor space.

Of course – any party is not possible without a dream team of friends and family helping out. A few thousand balloons might have flown away after being carefully tied to the roof (*clears throat*) but the place still looked great!

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Godmothers and friends decorating

The central activity of the party is that the kids make their own ice cream using the Ample Hills Ice cream bike.

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The famous ice cream bike

The children learned about how to make ice cream, what ingredients to use and how they would use the ice cream bike to mix all the ingredients.

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Ample Hills employee explains how to use the ice cream bike

Each kid had the chance to use the ice cream bike to pedal their hearts out and got a picture on the bike to take home as a souvenir. While the ice cream set in the freezer, the kids made place mats which were laminated for them to take home.

Lady C works on her placemat

Lady C works on her place mat

For this party we could not have normal cupcakes… no no no… We made cupcakes in ice cream cones! Such a hit and easy to make, after we messed up the first batch. Here’s the recipe for how to make these fun treats. THANK YOU PINTEREST FOR MAKING US STARS!!

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Ice cream cone cupcakes

The kids had the chance to eat their own ice cream decked with toppings of their choice and the adults – well, they ate plenty of ice cream too. Truth be told, between the ice cream, wine and great music – we think the adults had as much fun as the kids!

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So the kids had ice cream and pizza and cupcakes and they danced and they ran and had a blast. When all was said and done, it was time to give out the favors from our “Ice Cream Bar”. download (3)

Each child received a bag filled with a tumbler, ice cream erasers and ice cream tattoos.

Tumblers from Etsy.com

Tumblers from Etsy.com

Lady C has two wonderful godmothers and both of them helped with the party this year. One of her godmothers lives in Charlotte, NC and she tries to fly up each year to celebrate with us. This year she joined us for the ice cream party and also Lady C’s school birthday celebration. She braved making the ice cream cake cones with us and dealt with partyzilla parents… thank you Godmommy!

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Lady C and her Godmother

We highly recommend Ample Hills as a birthday party spot. Highly professional and organized and they made this a fun and easy day. We had our party at the Gowanus location (they have a few spaces) and the roof top deck was a great bonus feature. Parents were able to have a seat under an umbrella and enjoy some ice cream and wine.

If you have any fab birthday party locales in Brooklyn – please do share below!


Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy: Spinach Fritters Recipe

Lady H used to eat broccoli like it was going out of style. Plate after plate after plate but for the past month or so she has completely rejected it and any other vegetable for that matter. It has been a battle. Not being newbies at this game, we used the usual strategies – hiding food under rice or other things she likes, mashing things up really small, here comes the airplane games – and we are always met with


When Lady C was the same age she also rejected veggies and we used smoothies to get those nutrients in her body. All her smoothies featured frozen broc or spinach and avocados (super fruit) to make them creamy. She loved them, still does. Even though she helps make them with avocado and swears she does not like avocado, she drinks. every. single. drop. So, we made Haiden a smoothie. We gave it to her in a cup and she took one look and said:


Ok – so that didn’t work. We remembered she used to love Spinach bites from a local restaurant so we made Spinach fritters – super easy recipe:

One package of frozen spinach, thawed and drained

2 Table spoons of flour

Two eggs

Chopped Onion



Salt and Pepper

(and any other seasoning you might enjoy)

Mix in a bowl and spoon into boiling oil


These joints were good. So good! When Lady H saw them she said… oooo cookie and grabbed one. We got excited. She took a bite, looked at it and:


Sigh, welp! We had to hide carrots under her mac and cheese. She didn’t like that one bit when she realized it but we got some in her!

Back to the drawing board… Despite the failure we still blogged about this because the fritters were actually good and it might help someone else.

If you have other thoughts about getting the kiddo to eat veggies… please post below!


Recipe Time: Slow Cooker Cranberry Meatballs

We own CrockPot!

We love CrockPot!

Recently we made good use of a leftover can of jellied cranberry sauce. There is always a can left behind and we never know what to do with it because apparently it is only legal to eat cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. But we grabbed some for a yummy and easy recipe!


One package of frozen turkey meatballs
One jar of jellied cranberry sauce
One (12 oz) jar of barbecue sauce
Two table spoons of Honey dijon mustard


Toss in the barbecue sauce, mustard and cranberry sauce to coat the bottom of the slow cooker. We chopped up the cranberry sauce and spread it around. Add in the turkey meatballs and coat them with your sauce.

Slow cook on the low setting for 4 to 6 hours. Eat with some rice and grab a veggie (something green(e)) and you are done!





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