Parents: Please Put Your Cameras Down and Enjoy Your Kids


You might find this article hypocritical from a family that 1) takes tons of pictures of their children, 2) blogs about family and their children, and 3) owns a photography business but it must be said:

Parents, we are spending too much time behind the camera not truly enjoying the experiences of our children and… it’s making us rude!

We just got back from a great family holiday vacation on a cruise. During the trip our oldest daughter attended the children’s camp and they performed on several occasions for their family and friends during the cruise. It was during those performances that we realized just how much cameras can ruin family experiences! Here are a few things we witnessed:

  • Children were dancing blissfully with Dora the Explorer during a dance party. Mother stops the children from dancing so that the children can face her. Mother tells them to “do that other dance you were doing before”, then takes pictures and records.

The kids are having fun!!! Why is there a need to stop them from having fun to get the picture you wanted? Why not just get a picture of them as they are – doing what makes them happy. No need to stage your children for the perfect picture. There is perfection in their momentary glee!

  • Mother taking photos of her kid for the millionth time (standing in the same position) walks in front of another parent who is trying to see her child perform.

This one is a huge problem. Getting that perfect picture is so important that you would ruin the experience of another parent is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. If your kid is standing in one spot singing a song you really don’t need to take that picture more than once. Take a picture, put the camera down and enjoy the show like everyone else… pretty please!

  • Mother taking photos of her kid for the millionth time (standing in the same position) literally sits on the lap of another parent because she does not see her there.

This one really burns because the other parent was none other than Aisha GreenE. Yes, a parent was taking a picture of her child and while trying to get every angle she stepped on Aisha’s foot then sat square on her lap because she just did not notice that another person was around. Sigh. Put the camera down and pay attention to humans.

  • Mother stops watching her child actually perform to watch the video she took of the performance to upload to Instagram. 

So the kid is performing now, like right now, like now now but instead of enjoying the show … you are posting it before it is done. Instagram will not be going the way of Friendster in the next five minutes so watch your child perform in real time and post later because YOU ARE MISSING THE SHOW!

In our family we truly believe in chronicling our life in photos, printing and archiving them – we’ve even blogged about our appreciation of family photos.

But… too often we stop our children from having fun so we can take pictures of them having fun; we interfere with the enjoyment of others; and are motivated to post experiences rather than enjoy them.  We are actually losing out on quality moments, disruptive to one another and disruptive to our children in our quest for the perfect pictures. You can capture moments without the disruptions.

We are not just preaching to other parents, we are preaching to ourselves too… enjoy real life and reel life.


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