Aisha’s Answer to Regret: #TuesdayTwo

Early this year a friend of mine died in a tragic accident while she was on vacation. After her death I became very angry about a lot of things – and quickly realized that I had a pound of regret I was carrying around. During her funeral, the minister challenged us to let go of any regret we had and to put it aside. I burst into tears realizing that I felt horrible that I didn’t get a chance to thank my friend for all she had done for me and for my children. I didn’t get a chance to remind her that I thought she was the bees knees and super funny. Sure, we communicated most days via social media “likes” and high fives but I did not have a VERBAL conversation with her in way too long. And, I would not be able to do it anymore.

At that point… Tuesday Two developed. Tuesday Two is one way that I decided to answer my issue of regret and to learn from my mistake. Every Tuesday I CALL (not text, not email, not IM, not tweet, not post)… I CALL TWO people that mean the world to me but I don’t often have a conversation with them and I tell them TWO things that I love about them. It’s pretty simple.

I chose Tuesdays because of the alliteration. Sometimes… I just forget things, including doing my Tuesday Two, but the moment I think of it being Tuesday or think or say the word Tuesday I think of my Two. The responses have been amazing – ranging from people crying to laughing to saying – they really needed the call at the moment, it changed their day. It also helps me to reconnect with people in a genuine way. It’s been therapy for me but has also had an impact on the Two people I call.

A few people have asked me about Tuesday Two so I decided to blog about it because – it’s had such an impact on me during my grieving process and has helped me refocus and reconnect with people I love and care about. Social media is great – I have no issue with it, but it simply can’t replace the phone call that you need to have. I hate talking on the phone but it’s necessary.

If I can help it – I don’t want anyone I love going to the grave without them knowing how I feel about them and what I love about them. 

Til Next Tuesday…

But… really, why wait? If someone is on your mind today, call them today, tomorrow is not guaranteed – the only thing we can control is how we treat each other here and now.


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