The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

Recently Lady C’s teacher sent home a questionnaire to get to know the families of her students. One of the questions was which traditions or holidays are important to us. We had three in particular: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is a favorite though! And from the post’s title, I bet you can guess…


(you thought I was going to say Christmas, didn’t you? Ha! Fooled ya!)

Now if you know the Greenes, you know we go HARD for Halloween. Family costumes are a must and it’s a secret until the day of! We love All Hallows’ Eve!

We also love Christmas but we tend not to be too traditional about it. It really doesn’t matter to us whether we’re at home or on a tropical island for Christmas.

But Thanksgiving?! Now that’s the grand daddy of the fall season for us. Hayden is already preparing the menu which includes garlic whipped potatoes, jalapeño Mac & three cheese poppers, and the crowd favorite, bacon wrapped shrimp. Aisha has planted pumpkins in the backyard and they should be ready to decorate the house just in time. When we renovated the living room, the VERY first thought was how much more space we have for the 20+ people that show up at our house.

Speaking of our guests, they are looking forward to this too. Last year, we decided to take a break from BIG Thanksgiving. We won’t be doing that again! It threw EVERYONE’S plans off. And this was with 3 MONTHS of advanced notice!! We have already heard from some of the regulars that they are relieved that Thanksgiving is back at the Greene house!

So yes, the Greenes love the fall holidays. But Turkey Day takes the cake…hmmm…I wonder what kind of cake we should ask Granny to make this year…

turkey day HCH 2

SEE!!! We can’t help ourselves. It all leads back to the best meal of the year!!

Which holidays are important to your family? Which is your family’s favorite season?

2 thoughts on “The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

  1. Judysworld says:

    I would have to say Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve/Day. But my favorite is New Year’s Eve/Day. I make that one holiday. I love to be with DH and the kids alone on that day, just us as I quietly reflect to myself about the year going out and the one coming in. I give Thanks for our blessings and pray for a great upcoming year. Then New Year’s Day I gather with friends to welcome it in with My New Years Day brunch. It is my favorite way to end one year and enter the next.

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