He Said, She Said: The Icy Lady Debate

The GreenEs need you to solve a debate stemming from a discussion/situation we had this weekend.

Here is the scenario:

You and your children are at an outdoor event with other kids and their families. The most important person in the world during the summer comes by, jingling her bell… the icy lady. An icy would be perfect at the moment because it is hot outside. Which of the following do you do:

A. Buy an icy for you and your children because, it’s hot and you love cherry mango icies!

B. Do not buy an icy for your children because there are other children around and their parents might not be able to buy one or want their children to have one.

C. Buy you and your children an icy and be prepared to buy an icy for each and other kid at the event/party you are attending.


So Aisha thinks that if you are at a party in the park with treats and snacks that it is rude to walk away and grab icies for only you and your kids because then your kids will walk back with them and make the other kids jealous and beg their parents for one. It sucks to be the first parent or family that starts the ball rolling. If you are going to get one, you should be ready to buy one for every kid, and if you don’t want to do that, then catch the icy lady another time.


It’s an icy! It’s not an xBox that your kid s flaunting in front of the other guests!! And if you don’t want your kid to have an icy, this is a perfect opportunity for you to introduce the word “no” to your child. I tell my kid no all the time with reasons ranging from, “I have no money on me”, to “that food is made of plastic”, to “the ice cream truck is empty unfortunately”. Why should I be deprived of a traditional summer treat so that other parent won’t have to have a simple conversation about the wonderful word “no”!?!? Not gonna happen. I’m getting my pineapple icy with a scoop of coconut and no whining kid is going to stop me!

What say you… chime in on the icy debate. Do you agree with what HE SAID or SHE SAID?


12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: The Icy Lady Debate

  1. Tanisha says:

    I definitely agree with what he said. The other families have to make the decision that works for them. As for the kids in my crew, mine and any kids that are in my care, we are eating icies.

  2. Judysworld says:

    What he said: it is TOTALLY ok to buy for your kids only. People need to teach their children what I try to teach my son and will try to teach my daughter as she gets older. It is not always monkey see monkey do. So it is a good teaching moment to let children know that you will not always get what your friend has. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

    • thegreeneblog1314 says:

      That’s true. Also good to teach your kid they can’t always have what they want bc the moment may not be right. Could be a teachable moment in that way too…

  3. Brenda Greene says:

    I will buy for my kids.The other parents must explain to their kids that they can’t buy icy now or they must use whatever snacks they have for them.

  4. Christine Miller says:

    What He Said…. all day long. I have always said that PARENTS have to make decisions for their children. How do I know if the other parents wants their child to have an icy? Is there something in it that the child is allergic to??? Is the child a special diet? I would buy for me and mine and keep it moving.

  5. Lynette R. Burnett says:

    I go with what he said. Just because a parent doesn’t want their child to have an icy doesn’t mean yours should be deprived.

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