Get Global Entry For You… and the Kids Too!

Moving quickly through airports with limited hassle, short security lines and no need to remove your shoes????

Yes, please, sign me up!

How can you obtain this magical life?

TSAPrecheck provides low-risk travelers with an expedited and efficient security screening at participating U.S. airport checkpoints for domestic and international travel. What does this mean for you?

  • Short lines
  • Keep them shoes on
  • No need to take liquids out
  • Keep that jacket on

Ahhhh – how air travel used to be! TSAPrecheck only applies to your security screening and not customs screening. For expedited customs screening you need Global Entry.

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Applicants are screened and receive background checks before they are approved. Once approved, you also become eligible for TSAPrecheck. Global Entry is $20 more than TSAPrecheck but the price difference is worth it because you get access to both programs.

I had been grappling with the idea of signing up for Global Entry and TSAPrecheck for a few months now, not because I was not sold on the idea right away – it was because I was trying to decide whether to do it for my children too. I didn’t want to make multiple trips for the interview and needed to make a decision. It seemed like it might be a waste of money for them because they travel but not THAT much… it’s not like they take business trips.

This January I finally decided to bite the bullet and apply for myself and my two girls.

It was easy to apply. We applied on a Thursday and had an interview scheduled the next Tuesday. Interview availability can vary but we were pretty lucky and were approved within one week. We had a scheduled spring break trip and were able to use our new status on the trip and man – oh man…

We literally spent half an hour less on each line – no wait – at all. That was enough for me. But if you are a parent that has ever had to balance a kid while trying to remove your shoes to go through security… well this is for you. You don’t have to worry about whether your liquids are all stored in one bag. So there is less stress packing beforehand and less stress at the airport. And if I do say so – the TSA and Customs agents were just all around nicer to me and I think it is because we were “known travelers” and therefore easy subjects. They were wonderfully helpful!

Less Stress… Beautiful words for people traveling with children.

Get you some expedited travel!!!! You will thank me later.

Have any questions about the program – please ask me below!

Dedicated to Nneka M. Fritz… my travel angel guru Spec…


Way Too Married To….

Marriage has a lot of benefits…

Love and stuff.

Lifetime partnership and all that jazz.

Even some financial benefits!

Yeah… marriage is kinda cool.

When I earned my Mrs. nearly 9 years ago it dawned on me that another benefit is that I would never have to do certain things again. Not because I can’t… but because I really don’t want to and I have a great guy *pats hubby on the back* who will do certain of those things for me. One of those things is SHOVELING SHOW. I haven’t shoveled snow in years! I’ve sprinkled some salt here and there and I’ve even “managed” the shoveling process – (me: “Hey baby, you should shovel”) but I don’t do it no mo’. That was until this weekend when dear sweet Hayden was out of town – in Florida warmth no less.

I posted about it on Facebook:

2015-03-03 11 10 18 (3)

Folks thought the term “way too married” was hysterical and immediately people started inboxing me saying that should be on a shirt… so well, I did that. I created a “Way Too Married” tee and I think I may do more because there are a lot of other things I (and other wives) are #waytoomarried to do.


If you like the shirt, hope you will buy it. It will only be printed and you will only be charged if 50 shirts are sold. Who knows, maybe this could be something *shrug*… Anyway, let’s give it a shot! Shirts are available at!

So – I’m #waytoomarried to shovel snow… what are some of the things you are #waytoomarried to do?