The Marriage Journal: Free Therapy

Almost minutes after our feature in Ebony magazine, we had folks inboxing us and commenting about the article and in particular, there were questions about the reference to our marriage journal. It was a very quick mention in the article but people want to know more about it.

CaptureSo here is the scoop on the marriage journal. First, it was an idea that was 10000000% stolen from another couple. Can’t remember who it was but pretty sure it was stolen from a member of Chocolate Brides, an online network of women of color started by radio personality, Kesha Monk.  The women on Chocolate Brides share experiences and advice in marriage, love, family and parenting. Anyway – someone mentioned doing a marriage journal and we jumped on the idea because it’s cheaper than therapy. (Side note: if you aren’t part of a network of people that support love and marriage, well, get you some, whether online or in life, marriage is a flower that needs plenty of sunshine. End Side Note).

At the beginning of each new year we post our marriage resolutions. All of the things we would like to change or do differently and acknowledging the things that work. Putting it on paper, having it serve as a consistent reminder of the growth we desire. After that, there are no rules to the marriage journal other than to write when we want to write. We write anything from short notes to long complaints to thank yous. When someone writes in the journal they need to leave it on the pillow for the other person to see. It actually makes you giddy, like you are getting a love note passed down in high school *butterflies*. We look forward to seeing that journal on the pillow unless it is following an argument…

wpid-20150203_070133.jpgThe truth is – the journal is not as filled as it could be – wish we took the time to write in it more and that’s actually one of our resolutions for the year because we like doing it when we do it but sometimes… LIFE.

So – that’s it – marriage journal. Stolen idea and now shared with you. If you have other ideas about free and quick marriage therapy please do share, and be prepared for us to steal that idea too!


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