Top 5 Reasons Parents Should Travel Without Their Kids

jamaica vacation 2014-14

Refreshed and happy parents!

The grown up Greenes just got back from vacation… like real vacation, not a trip (which is what you do when you travel with your children) and boy are we recharged and feeling goooooooot (that’s good, with a cherry on top). Before we had kidlets, the Greenes were traveling fools! The traveling did not stop once we had children – both of them have passports and have traveled abroad already – but now our travel is more dominated with separate travel for conferences or travel with the children. We love traveling with our children – it’s fun and it’s a great way to show children different parts of the globe but… it’s no vacation. Even with all the babysitting amenities available… it’s not the same. We decided, after a two year hiatus to travel for more than one day, together, without kids… and it was a VACATION. We earned it – we deserved it – our relationship deserved it.

We understand that not everyone can travel without their kids because of childcare issues but if you are one of those parents that don’t want to travel for emotional or attachment issues, let us help you out with the top 5 reasons parents should travel without their kids sometimes.

No. 5 “Travel lite”

We can’t remember packing so light and so easily. When you are traveling with children, particularly an infant you tend to pack a LOT. And you have to check luggage… and pay for that checked luggage. And you have to drag that luggage around. First World Problem but annoying. When you travel WITHOUT kids … You can pack one tiny itty bitty bag! It was so freeing! Don’t need diapers or wipes or sippy cups or their favorite snack in case they reject the other food… bathing suit, check… uh, yea – done packing!!!

No. 4 “Kiddie Confidence”

It is actually a good thing for children to feel safe and secure with AND without their parents around. It can give them the sound mind that other trustworthy grown ups in their lives can be a source of fun for them. When we went away we had the awesome experience of having multiple caregivers who all chipped in to help. Both grandmothers, a god mother and a family friend who happened to be having a sleepover that weekend all helped us to have a great experience and make our children comfortable too. Give it a try!

No. 3 “Sleep When You Want”

We are pretty strict parents about sleeping and have sleep trained both of our children. When on trips with the kids, one of the toughest parts is that one or both of us needs to call it an early night so that we can get the kids to bed. Lady C (currently 5 years old) can adapt to staying up late for special occasions but Lady H (the toddler) is a grump when she’s not in bed by 7pm… it’s put a cramp on when we eat and when we retire to the bed and who stays behind. And we also wake up too early. Kids don’t understand sleeping in for vacation. When the kids are not with you – you can stay out and got to bed when you want and wake up when you want!! Granted, on this vacation, we probably still went to bed earlier than most but dammit – that was OUR CHOICE. We also slept *gasp* on the beach… in a hammock… This hammock…


Doesn’t that look relaxing??? Reading a book… in a hammock…

No. 2 “Romance Rekindled”

The strain kids put on romance cannot be overshadowed. Once you have children it is very easy to forget about you and your mate and what makes you go vavavoom. It’s not just the physical – it’s the long walks, the candle light dinners, standing in the rain or swimming in the water and just kissing for no reason other than that you can pay attention to each other. When you travel with the kids, at times it can be exhausting so it ends up being more like you are traveling with your co-parent as opposed to your hot and sexy spouse. On this particular vacation… well, we rekindled!!! *Dancing*

And… the number 1 reason to travel without the kids…. I think we said it before and will say it again… IT’S A VACATION!

You can do what you want, when you want, how you want… or do NOTHING AT ALL. You can lay on a beach and not get buried in the sand, unless you are into that. You can drink grown up drinks and it does not matter if you have a headache in the morning. You can sleep in late. You can read a 900 page historical fiction epic trilogy that you’ve been meaning to start (shout out to Ken Follett)… and you can miss your kids just a little and go back home and snuggle them and plan for your next adventure with them. You will miss them, they will miss you but it’s worth it for you, for them, for your marriage and for your sanity.

SO – sound off any parents out there traveling without their kids? Anyone hesitant to do so and still not convinced… Discuss in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Parents Should Travel Without Their Kids

  1. Traveling sans children is VERY important once in a while. My recent vacation allowed me to recharge and reset so that I can give my daughter the best of me. I totally agree with EVERY sentiment that has been shared in this blog. My next “trip” will more than likely include Disney characters, but Im okay with that. I think its time to tap into my inner child.

    • thegreeneblog1314 says:

      My last vacation was Disney characters and it was fun. It was made better by knowing that I had a non Disney vacation coming up! Balance….

  2. Tanisha DaBawse says:

    I am a complete advocate for adult only vacations. I actually believe it is my duty as a parent to vacation without my child. It allows Pooh to have a mom that has recharged versus a burned out mom running on fumes. Marlow and I agreed, one trip with Pooh and one vacation sans Pooh each year. I’ve kept the tradition. Go Greenes!

  3. I love this article and admit we need to do it much more. It’s a matter of funds and childcare for us BUT we still do manage to make it happen if we can. Last one was a roadtrip to a wedding where we were gone for 4 days YAY! My mom is actually down with coming back up here once a year so we can duck out as a couple once more and I’m ok with that.

    • thegreeneblog1314 says:

      We can’t pretend that we do this a lot either. It isn’t easy. It has been two years since we spent more than one night away together without the kids so we are preaching to self too. Childcare is hard and then we felt bad about leaving people with TWO kids so we got creative and asked for a community sitting situation. One person stayed each night with the baby and the oldest went to a sleepover for the weekend. We picked a time when school was out so no one would have to take the kid to school. Took some thinking, organizing and planning but we got it done!

  4. I host trips for women to Paris and I’m proud to say that I have had many women “live the Paris dream” without their spouse or their children to have some “mommy time”. As you mentioned, it shows the kids that they can feel secure even if mommy – and on a couples trip, daddy – is away. My parents did it, and as a kid, I liked having a break as well, even though I missed them.

    On the flip side, when the children get old enough, I hope that parents let their children take separate trips as well; whether for camp or travel abroad. Independent travel for kids is life changing and brings about growth. And independent travel for adults is exactly the same. =)

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