Underbed Reading Nook

Our house has the smallest bedrooms ever. So much so that when it came time to think of converting Lady C’s room into more of a big girl room, we just kinda shook our heads as to what to do because any bed we put in the room would literally make it a BED room.

Our kids don’t really play in their rooms mostly because they are small – they usually play in the basement which we refuse to refer to as their playroom only because it admits defeat – not because it is not the truth. As Lady C starts to age, we want her to have a little space for solitude so in researching beds for small spaces we came across the fab idea of a loft bed and we purchased one recently.

Here is a picture of the loft bed we ordered (note, that’s not our house):


Desk space: Check! 

Dresser space: Check!

Bookshelf space: Check!

Bed: Check!

Loft beds are kinda awesome – they have all sorts of nooks and crannies and storage spaces including tons of under bed space. Our loft bed came equipped with a chest of drawers which we pushed under the bed at first just like the picture but Lady C protested and asked for a Reading Nook…. and who are we to turn down such a fab request. So we pulled that chest of drawers out. We took her old toddler mattress and tossed it under the bed, got a small rug, grabbed some pillows from around the house, strung lights under the mattress frame and created a pin board of book jackets…. and VOILE! Reading Nook!


In her Reading Nook in an Elsa costume… I mean, isn’t that the life?


Try not to judge the extension cord… we are working on the fine details… just want you to see a shot of the bulletin board of book covers.

wpid-20140917_201240.jpgHope she loves it! She better! Here is a picture of Hayden stringing up lights in the small space… struggle.


If you are looking for cool ideas on decorating or creating a reading nook – look —– here.

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